Morty the Mole

Commercially downloadable semi-casual puzzle game based loosely on Broderbund’s amazing Boulderdash. I removed the monsters and added lots more puzzle elements (keys and doors, breakable walls, moveable breakable vases, vines that can hold up moveable objects, etc). I felt this made it more appropriate for a semi-casual audience (all the rage at the time) and played more to the strengths of the game. I did the design, programming, and project management. Art and music was commissioned and licensed.

Original fully playable prototype was written in Python, later a C++ port was created. Currently it is not available for download as I am porting it to a Steam + iOS re-release.

Highlights include:

  • 101 levels
  • Multiple level themes (ice, desert, jungle, etc)
  • Animated tiles, particle effects, sfx galore!
  • Rewards for completing levels in a small number of moves
  • Hundreds of unique tiles

Over 100 levelsTutorial levels guide the player early on Many themes existComplex puzzle components keep the player interested