Mindless Dungeon Crawl

Download from the Apple App Store here!

I have a tradition of teaching myself a new programming language or technology by writing yet-another-version of “Mindless Dungeon Crawl (MDC).” This tradition started when I was procrastinating my grad school compilers homework. I have written MDC in Python, JavaScript, C++, C# with WinForms, Objective-C with iOS, C++ & Objective-C on iOS with Cocos2D, C# with MonoTouch and finally Unity which is the version you see here. Each time it’s a different game with graphics (sometimes it’s a text game) and different mechanics but it never takes itself seriously.

This game was downloaded 800 times on its first day, was favorably reviewed by Touch Arcade and gets a modest number of downloads daily.

Creature artwork was licensed from Joe Calkins of Cerberus Art. Send him all your money, he earned it. UI, backgrounds and fonts were me.