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Ambitious iPad rogue-like inspired by the Game Monetization Challenge.

I created combinatorial loot using a scheme inspired by Might and Magic 3: Isles of Terra. More powerful and flexible where it can select which type of leather your leather armor is made from, or what type of steel is in your chain mail, plus add adjectives and modifiers all of which change the stats and gold value of the items.

Art was commissioned from Team LePixelists. They were awesome, did great work very quickly. Treat them professionally and pay them well, you won’t regret it.

Highlights include:

  • Massive world with over 4 billion regions (same world, different starting locations each game)
  • Climate and temperature with appropriate tilesets (snow, light snow, lighter snow, desert, etc)
  • Hundreds of dungeons with increasing difficulty as you descend
  • Several overland and dungeon generators (placing monsters in climate-appropriate areas)
  • Procedurally generated loot (adjective, noun, construction material, etc). Similar to Might & Magic 3 but more depth. So you can have an expertly-crafted flaming steel longsword or just an iron longsword.
  • Procedurally generated monsters (which also level up as necessary for deeper dungeon levels)
  • RPG stats, chests, leveling system, combat mechanics
  • Stack-based UI menu system

Hack & Quest "You got loot!"Hack & Quest Player stats Hack & Quest "Mad loot!"Hack & Quest desert landscape Hack & Quest tundra landscapeHack & Quest "Death sucks!"

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