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I have a tradition of teaching myself a new programming language or technology by writing yet-another-version of “Mindless Dungeon Crawl (MDC).” This tradition started when I was procrastinating my grad school compilers homework. I have written MDC in Python, JavaScript, C++, C# with WinForms, Objective-C with iOS, C++ & Objective-C on iOS with Cocos2D, C# with MonoTouch and finally Unity3D which is the version you see here. Each time it’s a different game with graphics (sometimes it’s a text game) and different mechanics but it never takes itself seriously.

This game was downloaded 800 times on its first day, was favorably reviewed by Touch Arcade and gets a modest number of downloads daily.

Creature artwork was licensed from Joe Calkins of Cerberus Art. Send him all your money, he earned it. UI, backgrounds and fonts were me.

Mindless Dungeon Crawl: mindless adventure awaits!Mindless Dungeon Crawl: endless mindless exploration! Mindless Dungeon Crawl: LOOOOOOOT!Mindless Dungeon Crawl: hilarious opponents galore!

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Hi, thank you for visiting! I'm David York, a San Francisco software engineer.

My passions include game development, cooking, photography and travel.

I work as a mobile (iOS and Android) consultant and indie game developer.

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