I'm David York, an independent game developer making a deckbuilding strategy game for Steam.

I first started creating video games at 10, when I was inspired by a game called (I'm not making this up) Montezuma's Revenge. This dream was enabled by my dad giving me a book called Apple Basic Programming for Kids. Fast Forward to the early 2000s and I'm living off savings, building indie strategy games for Mac and PC, living out of a suitcase in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm the product of a Welshman and a Texan who met in a German Bar in Tokyo, Japan. That happens all the time, right? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and in Melbourne, Australia. At the moment I'm making indie games in San Francisco.

I find the greatest joy in the act of creation, be it my cooking, job, photography, procedurally generated artwork or game development. However my main love is, and has always been, the creation of games.

I've always been inspired by Sid Meyer's Civilization series, Masters of Magic, Dreamquest for iOS, Dominion and Dominions (two totally different and amazing games), the Adventure Game Construction Kit, Dungeons & Dragons, and so many other amazing games.

Right now I'm working on creating a deckbuilding strategy game with permadeath and a procedurally generated world. I love deckbuilding and engine building games, and I love evergreen endlessly replayable games which reward increasing skill over time. This project is really fun, I get the chance to really push how a computer can do things with a card game that physical cards are poor at. For example I'm experimenting with adding upgrade slots to cards which alter the card's physical mechanics to do things like change the damage type, add multipliers to the cards' effects, add new effects and other things.

Essentially I want to enable a player to build not only their deck through a play session but also build the cards themselves. It's coming together really well, and I look forward to sharing with the Steam Community when it's ready.


Hi, thank you for visiting! I'm David York, a San Francisco software engineer.

My passions include game development, cooking, photography and travel.

I work as a mobile (iOS and Android) consultant and indie game developer.

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