If I have a million dollars I would spend all my time on my projects. So, nothing would change.

Fractal Generation with Unity

L-system fractals A was hanging out with my awesome friend Anatomecha in one of Seattle's new super awesome, super hip, super gentrified edison-bulb-and-a-million-beers-on-tap bars. He showed me a system he had been working on to create l-system fractals with Unity

Drunken Walk Procedural Algorithm

This is a procedural generation technique that places open spaces on a grid. It can be used for generating dungeons, castles, and other environments for video games. Start with a solid grid, such as a 2D array of walls. Pick


Download from the Apple App Store here! I work as a full-stack iOS + backend engineer on Bocksworld, creative block-based building game for kids by Linden Lab. This was is created with C# in Unity, Objective-C, Ruby and MySQL. I have

Mindless Dungeon Crawl

Download from the Apple App Store here! I have a tradition of teaching myself a new programming language or technology by writing yet-another-version of “Mindless Dungeon Crawl (MDC).” This tradition started when I was procrastinating my grad school compilers homework.