Originally self-taught at age 10, I now have a computer science degree and decades of experience.

GenGam 2016

On November 19, 2016 in San Francisco, CA the first annual Gen Jam (procedural generation jam) was hosted at the awesome indie co-working space GameNest. The idea was to spend a Saturday creating an art generator, a "thing that makes

Making Procedural Content Look GREAT

I'm going to talk about how to get from images like these: to this: using what I call a Decoration Generator. The awesome tileset shown above was created by Oryx Design Lab and is fantastic, I highly recommend checking it

Fractal Generation with Unity

L-system fractals A was hanging out with my awesome friend Anatomecha in one of Seattle's new super awesome, super hip, super gentrified edison-bulb-and-a-million-beers-on-tap bars. He showed me a system he had been working on to create l-system fractals with Unity

Morty the Mole

Commercially downloadable semi-casual puzzle game based loosely on Broderbund’s amazing Boulderdash. I removed the monsters and added lots more puzzle elements (keys and doors, breakable walls, moveable breakable vases, vines that can hold up moveable objects, etc). I felt

Real-time Voxel Heightmap Engine

Voxel-based graphics engine. Written in C++ and x86 assembly. High-performance “fly-through” engine created just for fun during college. I thought it would be cool to play with voxel heightmaps so I created a voxel heightmap renderer in C++. Uses raycasting,