procedural generation

I love procedural generation - writing algorithms to generate worlds is so much fun!

Mindless Dungeon Crawl

Download from the Apple App Store here! I have a tradition of teaching myself a new programming language or technology by writing yet-another-version of “Mindless Dungeon Crawl (MDC).” This tradition started when I was procrastinating my grad school compilers homework.

Hack and Quest

Download from the Apple App Store here! Ambitious iPad rogue-like inspired by the Game Monetization Challenge. I created combinatorial loot using a scheme inspired by Might and Magic 3: Isles of Terra. More powerful and flexible where it can select

Roguelike in Unity

I love Unity! One of my favorite aspects of Unity is my ability to work collaboratively with my Maya friends on creative projects. This is one such example. We were just screwing around in Unity for the hell of it.