indie games

I worked as a full-time indie game developer from 2004-2008, and again 2016-current.

Roguelike in Unity

I love Unity! One of my favorite aspects of Unity is my ability to work collaboratively with my Maya friends on creative projects. This is one such example. We were just screwing around in Unity for the hell of it.

Kumax (College Video Game)

While at college I founded (with my awesome friend Mike Williams who now works at Bungie) the Computer Game Design Group which at its peak had around 30 members. During our first year we tried to make the MOST AMBITIOUS

Lode Runner (3D Interpretation)

I used to play the amazing Broderbund game Lode Runner when I was a wee lad. The best part – you could make your own levels using their level editor. Endless hours of fun creating really entertaining platform puzzles. During college