indie games

I worked as a full-time indie game developer from 2004-2008, and again 2016-current.

GenGam 2016

On November 19, 2016 in San Francisco, CA the first annual Gen Jam (procedural generation jam) was hosted at the awesome indie co-working space GameNest. The idea was to spend a Saturday creating an art generator, a "thing that makes

Mindless Dungeon Crawl

Download from the Apple App Store here! I have a tradition of teaching myself a new programming language or technology by writing yet-another-version of “Mindless Dungeon Crawl (MDC).” This tradition started when I was procrastinating my grad school compilers homework.

Hack and Quest

Download from the Apple App Store here! Ambitious iPad rogue-like inspired by the Game Monetization Challenge. I created combinatorial loot using a scheme inspired by Might and Magic 3: Isles of Terra. More powerful and flexible where it can select

Morty the Mole

Commercially downloadable semi-casual puzzle game based loosely on Broderbund’s amazing Boulderdash. I removed the monsters and added lots more puzzle elements (keys and doors, breakable walls, moveable breakable vases, vines that can hold up moveable objects, etc). I felt